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How To Create An App For Free


How To Create An App For Free


First, log in to the site

How to download and share the app?

In your control panel, below the vertical menu for edit the app, exists an image labeled ‘Download app’.

Click on this image to open the app download page. You can share directly this page url using Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Message ‘The application is not yet available’
This message means app is generating and will be available in a few minutes.

This process typically takes 2 or 3 minutes.

how to use them

In case process takes more than 10 minutes go to ‘General info’ > ‘Name and Icon’ section and click Save button to restart generation process.
Device message on app install
Almost all Android devices shows a security warning message when user tries to install an app that hasn’t been downloaded from Google Play.

Usually this message can be ignored and user can continue with installation.

To avoid show this message, the app has to be published on

Google Play.

why ?

Apps also works on iOS(iPhone)?
No. At the moment apps aren’t compatible with iOS, however we have plans to introduce this system in a few months.
Is necessary to reinstall the app on every app modification?
No, modifications are applied automatically to the app. Simply close and open the app to see the modifications.

The unique exception are changes made in ‘General info’ > ‘Name and Icon’. These changes require to download and install apk again.
How to recover a deleted app?
You can recover a deleted app from the link that exists below button to create a new app.
How to publish an app on Google Play?
You have to create a Google Play developer account and publish your apps in this account.

Check our guide:


Issues related to app signing
All apps created with AppCreator24 are already signed with a sign unique for each client. (All apps created by the same client have the same sign)

  1. A common issue is to use Google Play Signing Service. Is not necessary to use this service because apps are already signed. In case you have an issue related to it, the solution is to create another app on Google Play and
  2. upload apk file without use this service.
    A message about ‘Unoptimized APK’ appears
    At the moment it’s not possible to avoid this message, however note that this message doesn’t prevent to publish app on Google Play

If the option to Publish the app is disabled, it’s because you need to fill some section on your Google Play console
Privacy Policy
Google Play requires to enter a web address in your Google Play console that shows the app Privacy Policy.

Also requires to show a link into the app to the Privacy Policy.

You can get the link from the section

‘General Info’ > ‘General’ of your AppCreator24 control panel.

In the same section make sure you have activated the option to show the link in the menu of the app.
My app has been suspended
Google Play takes its policies very seriously, so we recommend reviewing them thoroughly before publishing an app.

If you don’t comply, be sure that Google Play will suspend your app.

Normally when Google Play suspends an app it sends an email indicating the reason. If your app has been suspended read carefully the email sent by Google to know the reason for the suspension and, if it’s possible, correct it.

It’s important not to repeat policy strikes because several suspensions cause a definitive suspension of the entire account.

If the suspension of your app is related to the Privacy Policy, make sure you have entered a privacy policy in the app Google Play tab. Also make sure you have activated the option to show the link to the privacy policy within the app. You can get the link and activate this option from ‘General Info’ > ‘General’ in your AppCreator24 control panel.

If the suspension is related to a ‘Malicious behavior of the app’ make sure you have disabled the option to notify users about new updates. This option is in the same place as the previous one.


Sections management
To modify, add or delete sections of your app go to ‘Sections’ in your control panel.

Click ‘Create section’ button to see all available sections.

If the app has Sliding or Top menu type, the link to the Privacy Policy is automatically added to the menu. You can remove it from ‘General Info’ > ‘General’ although take into account that if the app is published on Google Play it’s required to show it.
Design (Menu type, Colors, Font)
From ‘General Info.’ > ‘Design’ you can modify all aspects of the design of your app.

For example you can select the main menu type. You can also select a color scheme or enter your custom colors.

You can also modify the font of the app and customize the icons that appear at the top.
Search in app
You can show a search text box in the app so users can find the sections in a fast way.

To activate it go to

‘General info.’ > ‘Design’ > ‘Top Bar Icons’ and activate the magnifying glass icon(Sections).

Edit the icon to set search options.

The search is done by default in the title of the sections. In Advanced options of each section you can set search keywords.
PDF,DOC,etc. files
It’s possible to show in the app files of type pdf, doc, etc.

However, it isn’t possible to upload them directly to our servers. Files have to exist on some other server.

There are several ways to show them. For example you can create a section of ‘Web’ type and enter the URL of the file.

Another way would be to create a section of type ‘HTML’, ‘Cards’ or another type and create links within the section to the files.
Is possible to display a login page at app level or at a social section level(Chats, Users finder sections,..)

To set app level login

  1. go to ‘General info’ > ‘General’. To set section level login, set it from the section settings.
  2. You can establish login by email or Facebook and/or Google login.
    Access password
    It’s possible to set a global access password for the whole app from General Info. > General.

You can also set an access password for each section from the Advanced settings of the section.
Which formats are supported?
Audio type sections support almost all available formats.

Video sections can use the internal Android media player or ExoPlayer. We recommend to try both to test which works better for the video format.
Use other media player
From Video sections settings you can choose to use the internal Android player, or the ExoPlayer player.


Ban users and contents
In social sections like Chats and User Finder sections you can ban users, and delete images and texts.

To do this use the button labeled ‘Review..’ which is at the top of these sections.
Undo a ban
On the users review page there is a link in the top right labeled ‘Users recovery’.

It isn’t possible to undo a ban that a user of the app makes over another user, it’s only possible to undo the bans made by the app administrator from the control panel.

Delete messages

  1. You can delete all messages in a chat with the trash icon that appears in ‘Chat review’ page.
    Contact chat
  2. If your app contains ‘Offices’ your users can contact you using the contact chat that appears in each ‘Office’.
  3. You can view messages that users send you through this chat, in the ‘Conversations’ section of your control panel.

System will notify you by email when you receive new messages and you haven’t seen them in a few minutes.

Keep in mind that from the section ‘Send notifications’ you can send chat messages so users respond directly in the contact chat.

Links between sections

It’s possible to create links in a section to open another section.

To do this you have to put a reference to the destination section in ‘Advanced settings’ of the section.

The way to create the link in the source section depends on the type of section, but it will always be a link that points to ‘go:A’ (Assuming that the reference of the destination section is A).

For example, the HTML code to make the link would be the following:
<a href=’go:A’>Go to section A</a>

There are sections like ‘Images gallery’ or ‘Cards’ that allow to create links simply by selecting the section you want to open.
Deep links (Links to open the app from a web page)
You can create links to open your app, and links to open a specific section.

This kind of links can be placed on any web page and only works if the user has the app installed.

In case the user doesn’t have the app installed, the link redirects the user to the app download page.

Assuming that the app has the id number 123, the link to open it would be: appcreator

(Note the trailing slash)

To open a specific section you have to add the section reference to the end of the link. For example:

You can find section reference in ‘Advanced settings’ of the section.
Links to Phone call, Whatsapp, etc.
You can create links in the app to make a phone call, send a Whatsapp, etc.

  1. These are the links you can use:
  • · Make a phone call: tel:914462626
  • Send a sms: smsto:614462626?body=message_text
  • Send an email: mailto:example@example.com
  • Send a Whatsapp: whatsapp://send?text=message_text
  • phone=34614462626
  1. You can also call top bar icons. Please see in Design > Top bar icons the link of each icon.
    MONETIZATION(Earn money)
    How to earn money with my app?
    Please visit our specific guide about this topic:

Ads don’t appear

In case ads are new, these can take a few hours to start to appear, sometimes can take 2 or 3 days.
If after this period ads don’t appear please check ad codes.
If ads still don’t appear, try the app from another device or reset the ‘Google advertising ID’ in your device.
Finally, if ads don’t appear, the only option is to ask the reason to the ads network.
In case ads appeared before and not now, check if the ad provider has suspended ads publishing in the app. Usually in this case they send an email informing about the suspension.

Service is free? (Adfree service)

The service is free with unlimited time, however we can show ads in the apps.
If you set ads on the app, then 80% of users will see your ads and the remaining 20% ours.
If you don’t set any ad then we can show an interstitial ad when user opens the app. This ad will be shown at most one time every 10 times the user opens the app.
We have the Adfree service to not show any ad to the first 100 users of each day. Please check ‘Adfree Service’ section to see more details.


how to use them

Create new sections and eliminate those you don’t need: From ‘Sections’ you can remove the sections that you don’t need and you can add all sections that you need. You can create, among others, web sections, HTML sections and sections with images, videos and music.
Customize colors and design: You can change the colors of each section individually or select a style for the entire application. You can also choose the menu type for your app and customize icon of the app, startup image and menu icon.

how to use them

Put a link to your application on your website or blog: Show your customers or users that you have a app for Android. From the section ‘Download app’ you can get the link to add.
Send messages(notifications) to your users: From ‘Send messages’ you can send messages directly to mobile phones of all your users. This is a very useful way of communication to send news, promotions, etc.
Publish your app on Google Play: Watch here our Google Play tips


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