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Choose The Right LNB For Your Satellite Dish


Choose The Right LNB For Your Satellite Dish

Choose The Right LNB For Your Satellite Dish

Types of LNB Used For Satellite TV

This blog has been written to help you pick the correct LNB for your satellite dish. As there are numerous different types, makes and models,picking the wrong one could mean that your satellite TV will not work. In this blog I discuss what a LNB is, what a LNB does and different types of LNB that are used for different satellite TV services like Sky and Freesat. Let’s begin.

Universal LNB’s

There are lots of different types of “universal LNB” and contrary to as it sounds not all LNB’s are universal with all satellite dishes. As many don’t fit, like universal LNB’s used for Sky and Freesat have a 38mm collar and nearly all other satellites dishes use an LNB with a 40mm collar. While this is not the end of the world when fitting a 38mm collar to a satellite dish which accepts a 40mm collar as a couple of wraps can around the collar can be enough to build the gap and create a secure fixing so that the LNB skew can be set correctly. Trying to do this the other way around however will not work as an LNB with a 40mm collar will not fit a 38mm collar holder.

Just to be clear I do not advise installing an LNB intended fora MK4 style Sky mini-dish onto a conventional type offset satellite dish as these are designed for an elliptical satellite dish and not a rounder dish. So, you should always purchase the correct LNB for best signal.

How Does A Universal LNB Work?

Universal LNB’s work by varying a supplied voltage form the satellite TV receiver which will switch the LNB between receiving horizontal and vertically polarised signals and by applying continuous 22Khz tone it switches the LNB between a high and low band. It does this as the bandwidth on transmission is greater than the bandwidth available on the coaxial cable, this means that at any one time there is only ¼ of the available satellite services on the coaxial cable at any one time.

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Here is a useful guide for remembering what satellite bands what DC voltage are and or 22Khz tone will need to be applied by the satellite receiver to receive them.

Vertical Low (VL) – 13V

Horizontal Low (HL) – 18V

Vertical High (VH) – 13V+22Khz

Horizontal High (HH) 18V+22Khz


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