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Alexa 2020 Competitor Keyword Matrix Exclusively


Alexa 2020 Competitor Keyword Matrix Exclusively

If you’ve ever struggled to find a new content idea that will make a splash….you’re a marketer.

Creating content that attracts an audience and ranks in search will always be a top priority for marketers. But it doesn’t have to be a long, painful process.

I want to show you how Competitor Keyword Matrix can help you find new content ideas that your audience loves.


The goal: Walk away with one new content idea for your team.


Here’s how:

  • Visit Competitor Keyword Matrix and enter your site plus up to 9 competitors.
  • Filter to « Show Keyword Gaps » for your site.
show keyword gaps

The keywords in your list are relevant opportunities that you aren’t getting any traffic for, but your competitors are. These are great new content ideas to attract your audience and drive traffic to your site.


Try using the Use Cases filter to find buyer keywords, low competition keywords, and more.


 keyword use cases


Then use the star on the left side to save the best keyword ideas to your Workspace.

That’s it! One content idea down and so many more to discover.