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Stalker Portal Player

is the best IPTV Portal Player, that allow you to watch the best channels around the world this player is developed from Serbian team and it’s supported 100% from them because the update it every time


  1. The size of the program is very small 19 MB and does not take much space on the hard drive.
  2. The program interface is very simple and the simple user can recognize it.
  3. Stalker player portable version does not require installation.
  4. You can add as many iptv servers on stalker iptv program.
  5. There are thousands of codes for the program that are widely available, which makes it one of the best applications that is indispensable.
  6. One server includes a lot of King Idris that can switch between them, and each of them includes six IPTV M3Us that differ from each other.
  7. You can watch thousands of encrypted and open channels, broadcast live on your computer.
  8. Watching the programs of Bn Sport channels live.
  9. There is no hacking in the application and it works on weak internet speeds because it does not consume a lot of internet besides the servers contain many SD channels.
  10. Available for computers and Android devices.
  11. The stalker player program is free and does not need any expenses.

How You can use stalker portal player for pc v6.0

  • Download Portal codes from stalker portal player v6.0
  • Download Portal codes from stalker portal player v4.0
  • Copy one of them and go to open new use 
  • Past Mac Address / past URL 
  • Now when you past everything in the right place 
  • Click Yes and add the new use 

Does Stalker portal player work on all devices and operating systems?

No, the stalker portal player for pc v6.0 app does not work on all devices, but it is compatible with a very large category of it, it is compatible with the computer and all Android devices (phones – Tv Box – – Tablet – Roku – Amazon Fire Stick etc …) and does not support the iPhone Or or Apple devices.

What are the disadvantages of stalker player ?

There are no defects in the program, in addition to that the application is in continuous development.

Is stalker player the best application to watch encrypted channels on computer and Android?

Yes, the stalker player iptv application is the best application to watch encrypted channels on the computer and Android, through which you can watch encrypted and open channels broadcast live from all over the world especially the Arab channels such as bien sport and OSN and others without cutting.

Does STALKER PORTAL PLAYER need an external player ?

No, the program does not need any external player, as it is the same operator for IPTV channels through M3U servers provided with MAC ADDRESS.


Stalker portal player is one of a series of great applications that have recently appeared to watch satellite channels and movies online, and in upcoming publications, wait for a detailed explanation of the Stb emu application that supports the same codes for the Stalker application.
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